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Winona County Recorder’s Office
202 W 3rd Street
Winona MN 55987

Subdivision Plats
Search Under Legal
Change date range to start at 01/01/1800 (if unknown when platted)
click plats, then click plat locator (type 1st word of plat and click ok)
click on the plat #, click search

Abstract Data September 1, 1987 - Current, Name and Legal Tab
(For verified data from 9/1/87-11/9/1995 search via the Tract tab)

Abstract Data  September 1979 - June 1999, Tract tab (Tract Books)
(Subdivisions with Lots and Blocks, search by Block number/letter)
(Subdivisions with Lots only, search by Lot number/letter)
(Subdivisions with Outlots only, use the Other Lot: line/field)

Abstract Data  1938-1984,  Grantor/Grantee Index tab 
(see Grantor/Grantee Index under the About tab for more information on how to use)

Abstract Document Images from May 16, 1967 - present by document #
Prior to May 16, 1967 Abstract Document Images are available via Vol/Page # (Book & Page)
Located under the Search tab as Vol/Page, each page is individual and counts as one document.

Tip** If the info box is bigger than the detail box you can
click Ctrl(plus)+ to increase or Ctrl(minus) - to decrease.

Torrens Certificates of Title can be obtained by 
emailing the Recorder’s Office applicable fees apply.

Requests made to the Recorder's Office will be processed in the order they are received,
standard request rates apply, send requests to

Please notify the Recorder’s Office of any problems.

Occasional User Information can be found by clicking
on the About tab (top left corner)
then click Occasional User sub tab.

Disclaimer is located under the About tab.


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